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Ever heard of the Barra engine? If not, I don’t blame you because not many people have! We recently imported 3 of these Australian 4.0L straight six engines with big plans in mind. If you weren’t aware, these engines are produced by Ford and only available in Australia. Our Barras are the naturally aspirated version out of a Ford Falcon(also only available in Australia). We originally received these engines and planned to use one in Project Typhoon, our newest drag build. Typhoon sports a 9 inch rear-end, 25.5 roll cage, full carbon fiber front end and is more than suitable for our goals of running 7s in the quarter mile! The plan is to build the Barra to handle more than 1800whp! Pretty crazy right? As for our other Barra swap, that engine will find a home in a customers S550 Mustang who decided to ditch their VMP supercharged Coyote 5.0. Keep in mind that this S550 already makes around 700whp as it sits. Why would someone do this you ask? Why not? We plan to drop a built Barra in this car as well and shoot for the 1500whp mark per the customers request. The S550 will also be getting a T56 Magnum transmission to back the “Australian 2JZ” power plant it’s getting. These are some very exciting projects for us and we’re looking forward to bringing you guys more Barra content, but the most important question is, what would you swap a Barra into?

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