Watch My Eco's Ecoboost Mustang Build

Ecoboost Mustangs are known as the “rental car” version of the Mustang lineup ever since ford dropped the 3.7 V6 in 2017, but that doesn’t keep people from making the 4 banger pony into a fairly quick track car. Watch My Eco started his build just like anyone else does, with a stock car and slowly started adding a few mods here and there. Eventually he had some minor boltons like a front mount intercooler from Levels Performance, and a tune and decided to take the car to the drag strip and see what it could do. This is where the fun begins….After a slew of mid to high 12 second passes the quest to go faster began. Next for the build was a set of Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S radials and a Turbosmart wastegate actuator and blow off valve. With the addition of these modifications the car was able to click off a low 12 second pass, we were making progress! From here we were motivated to push the car into the 11s, so we did just that. Que the weight reduction! We pulled the rear seats and passenger seat out of the car along with the trunk liner to really give it the best chance possible, but Florida’s heat was definitely not helping us. Back to the track we went and after a few tries we pulled off an 11.99! After a slew of high 11 second passes we decided to just go for it and turn it up even more. This resulted in a new personal best of 11.6 @ 114mph! After this pass we finally reached parts failure and blew the head gasket in the car unfortunately. Not much longer after this, we decided it was time to build the motor, and this brings us to the most recent goals for this Ecoboost Mustang. Thanks to a built engine sporting Wiseco I-Beam connecting rods, Mahle pistons, 625+ head studs, and much more, we are shooting for 6-700whp and a high 9 second pass this time around!

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