Worlds Fastest V6 Mustang

In past years the 3.7 V6 Mustang has been swept to the side when it comes to serious racing, but recently that has all changed. Project Hurricane started as just that, a project, to see what we could actually do with the 3.7 V6 Mustang platform. Fast forward a few years and It’s crazy to see how much potential was actually found on this platform. So Hurricane started as an NA 3.7 with some bolt ons, slowly progressing into an NA monster running 11.99 in the quarter mile. You heard that right!, NA V6 Mustang that runs 11s!. Moving forward, turbo time! Naturally we had to throw one of the NPG single turbos on the car and go crazy, and go crazy we did. Let’s catch you guys up on the modifications on the car before we get to the records. Hurricane sports a stock 3.7 V6 with the NPG turbo kit, Aeromotive standalone fuel system, built transmission, Circle D torque converter, Strange drag brakes, Viking shock and spring, UPR suspension, Strange Full Spool with 3.08 gears and it sits on a set of Racestar drag wheels with Mickey Thompson tires. So we headed to the track with this setup hoping for a solid 10 second pass to start out with and we ended up running a 10.4 at 135 mph and a 10.3 at 128 but killed the transmission in the process. This is when we decided to install that built transmission in the car and really shoot for our goal of 9s in the quarter! We headed back to the track for yet another attempt at our goals and the rest was history. After some tweaking, tuning, and troubleshooting we ran a 10.08 at 119, then a 10.2 at 124 mph battling some shifting issues. Running out of time, we addressed some of the issues we were facing and gave it one last shot and you guessed it! 9.7 at 136 mph in the books as the fastest sealed engine 3.7 Mustang in the world!

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