01/01/18 New Year, New Mafia

A few have come, a few have gone.

That's the thing about life, many people enter yours everyday but not everyone stays in it. Even if you try and make things work, the ones that truly want to be there are.

Auto Mafia Racing was started as a passion project and has grown into so much more. 

With that being said our team has been based out of Billings, Montana since it began growing into what it is now. In 2018 we look to the future and with that are planning a huge move down to Florida. Where we are building a new shop, since we outgrew our current one within a month. 

The HQ team consists of 2 - West, and Chance. A few others have been apart of that team and a few still are in some way. These are the 2 who are taking the big leap and moving to Florida. We'll do a post about everyone here soon, and expect much more out of this Blog section. 

By the end of February we will be down there starting the next phase of the business and beginning season 3 of the YouTube Channel. There we can race more than 4 months out of the year, have access to a much bigger, better car community. Go to real shows and events, start more car builds and do more of what we want to for you guys.

Happy New Year-

Chance and the rest of the Team

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  • James Primm

    Glad to hear you’re coming down to Florida! I just happened to hear about you on social media when decided to convert to E85 and was looking for a reliable company to tune my 2016 Mustang GT. I’ve been very pleased with the results so far and will continue to work with and recommend your company to enthusiasts in the central Florida/ Orlando area.

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