Car shows and more

Car shows and more

One of the biggest problems with Montana is the lack of people, with only 1 million people in the state the lack of car people is especially noticeable. Not to say there isn't a car community its just not as big and there's no big events that come to the state.

There are a lot of hidden gems here in the Big Sky Country, without salting the roads and no emission laws or vehicle inspections people drive cars that are very rare in the rest of the country for much longer. A recent trip to West Virginia/D.C. area reminded me of this fact, most people have newer vehicles compared to back home were most people drive their 80's trucks to 300,000 miles

We had a booth and took several cars to the biggest event for Imports this last summer. It was around 300 people from around the state. Which really isn't that much, or that big and only happens once a year. Especially when meets like that happen every weekend during the summer in other states.

So while I'll miss several things, seeing the picture above in an email reminded me of a big reason why I'm moving, the car community and big shows. My 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback will be inside at TunerEvolution Daytona Beach this year. If you're in Florida April 21st come check it out, meet us, the whole team will be there and this will be our first major appearance down there.    

See you there -


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  • Erich

    Man, I totally agree. I’m from Vegas where the car scene is pretty awesome. I moved to Billings about 3 years ago and there just isn’t anything here. Mainly people driving around rusted beaters or Honda Civics. Can’t wait to get out of here.

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