Emissions Compliance

U.S. motor vehicle emissions standards are intended to help achieve and maintain air quality goals that benefit human health and the environment. U.S. laws and regulations prohibit operation on public roads any motor vehicle that violates applicable emission standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and other regulatory agencies are responsible for implementing and enforcing applicable emission standards. In particular, the U.S. Clean Air Act prohibits “tampering”, i.e., the alteration of certified production vehicles to modify, remove, or render inoperable emissions control hardware or software. Tampering with motor vehicles emissions control systems is punishable by substantial monetary penalties. Consumers are responsible for complying with laws prohibiting tampering, and for ensuring that modified vehicles are operated in compliance with applicable U.S. laws.

It is Auto Mafia Racing's (AMR) policy not to manufacture, offer for sale, sell, convey, or otherwise transfer any product, including Handheld Devices, Pre-Loaded Tunes, or Calibrations that contain features to bypass, defeat or render inoperative the following: EGR, Rear Oxygen Sensors, SCR, DPF, NAC, DOC, or any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) associated with these emission controls. Products and calibrations sold by AMR shall retain the full operation and functionality of the On Board Diagnostic System (OBD) and continue to satisfy applicable emissions requirements.

Pursuant to the Consent Decree entered in United States v. Derive Systems, Inc., the Federal Government provided a path for compliance to allow the continued sale, purchase and use of Derive's products. See Final Consent Decree, United States v. Derive Systems, Inc., No. 1:18-cv-2201-RCL (D.D.C. April 16, 2019).

In an effort to help consumers maintain compliance with emissions regulations, product descriptions on this site may include emissions-related warnings and notices. This page summarizes the emissions-related information that you may see in this website/catalog.


Products within this category are identified on AMR’s website with the corresponding California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number and the following designation:

Such products are considered “Street Legal” because they have an EO from CARB. The manufacturer demonstrated through emissions testing that the use of these parts does not adversely affect vehicle emissions.

Parts with a CARB EO may be installed in accordance with the product specifications, and such vehicles may be driven on public roads. Consumers are advised to make sure that such parts are installed and used properly in order to maintain compliance with emissions standards.


The EPA's longstanding view is that conduct that may be prohibited by CAA § 203(a)(3) does not warrant enforcement if the person performing that conduct has a documented, reasonable basis for knowing that the conduct does not adversely affect emissions.

Products within this category are determined by AMR to be unlikely to adversely affect emissions of a certified production vehicle, so long as such products are installed and used in accordance with the product specifications. Emissions testing for these products, unless otherwise noted, was performed by an independent testing facility, SEMA Garage Emissions Compliance Lab, using good engineering judgment to test the worst-case scenario tune on the worst-case vehicle (in accordance with product specifications).

Such products are identified on AMR's website with the following notice:

Products within this category, to the best of AMR's knowledge and understanding, demonstrate a reasonable basis that they do not adversely affect vehicle emissions and retain the full operation and functionality of the On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD), and will continue to satisfy emissions requirements, such as meeting standards within useful life or maintaining emissions performance outside useful life. Such labeling does not indicate products are 50 state legal. Consumers are advised to make sure that such parts are installed and used properly in order to maintain compliance with emissions standards.

Sample Excerpt from SEMA Reasonable Basis Emissions Testing:
Test Vehicle: 2017 Ford Mustang, Engine: 3.7L NA V6, Emissions Category: CA LEV3 ULEV125 PC


Products identified as "Executive Order (EO) Not Required", do not require a CARB EO as identified by California's Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR.CA.gov). These products will be accompanied by the following notice:

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) lists parts that require a Carb EO and parts that do not require EO verification. In general, "Modified Parts" and "Add-on Parts" require an EO exemption, while "Replacement Parts" and "Consolidated Parts" do not require an exemption. Such labeling does not indicate products are 50 state legal. Consumers are advised to make sure that such parts are installed and used properly in order to maintain compliance with emissions standards.



Products labeled as "Competition Use Only" or "Track Use Only", are not intended for use on any vehicle driven on public roads. Such parts are solely intended for competition use only. Competition use is considered vehicles that are only driven on a closed course track or off-road course. Competition use parts should never be installed on vehicles with a VIN/active registration.

These products will be accompanied by the following warning:

Consumers are strongly advised not to install parts with this warning on any vehicle that is driven on public roads. Installation of such parts on a vehicle that is driven on public roads and/or highways is likely a violation of U.S. laws and regulations relation to the motor vehicle emissions.



Parts that are not accompanied by any of the above notices are considered by the manufacturer to be unlikely to affect motor vehicle emissions in most vehicle applications, when properly installed and used. Consumers are responsible, however, for determining whether the installation of a component will affect the emissions of their particular vehicle.



Auto Mafia Racing is committed to offering performance parts and tuning that allows motorsport enthusiasts to modify their vehicles and meet emission requirements. The information provided here is intended to provide general guidance of interest to most consumers. This guidance may not apply to all vehicles or all situations. It is up to each consumer to evaluate his or her own situation and take the steps necessary to comply with applicable laws. The websites listed below have more information about regulations and policies pertaining to motor vehicle emissions. Consumers should also check the regulations applicable to their local area.


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