05-09 Mustang Type 4 Ram Air Hood w/ Billet Heat Extractors

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Be the real King of the Road with our ram air type IV hood and with billet heat extractors your engine will be as cool as you are. Billet Extractor Vents are available in Black or Polished Finish.

Hood features a fully-finished underside liner for additional strength, Constructed from premium hand laid fiberglass this hood also has pre cut front air ducts

Hood installs in all factory locations utilizing the factory hood latching system. New squirters are included and are relocated to the underside of the hood.

Although these hoods don’t have ram air capabilities built into them when you buy them (they do pull in a cold air, however), Cervini’s sells an add-on ram air conversion kit that can be easily installed in your Mustang to turn the hood into a functional showpiece. Add significant horsepower with this one simple mod. (Part#8029 $299.99)