Billet Check Valve 14mm-1/2in-Black

Billet Check Valve 14mm-1/2in-Black

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Billet Check Valve 14mm-1/2in-Black

UPR designed this check valve specifically to deal with all the pitfalls of all Supercharged, Turbocharged, and Ecoboost PCV system and its many shortcomings that allow a substantial amount of oil to be sucked into the combustion chamber during normal operation. Moving up to a better-flowing check valve with proper flow and ZERO cracking pressure.

This has been one of the best Boosted application PCV system updates we have developed to be just a simple Plug n Play™ installation and leaves nothing to chance. 

Product Features:
» 0 PSI Cracking Pressure
» Exclusive Face Seal O-ring 
» Operating pressure 0-100 PSI
» Ultra-Bite Locking Hose Barbs
» Corrosive Resistant Polymer Ball
» Operating Temperature -30° to 400° F
» Designed to Improve PCV system Efficiency
» Available in (11mm-3/8) & (14mm-1/2) & (17mm-5/8) 

Installs in 5 minutes.

No one else can stack up to the bold clean styling of our aftermarket Billet dress ups, Street Strip & Racing Suspension & Performance Parts for your late model American Muscle Car!