AEM Electronics Tru-Boost Controller Gauge - Electrical (97-19 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Tru-Boost Controller Gauge
  • No External Interface Required For Programming
  • Peak Boost Memory
  • 2 User-Selectable Boost Settings
  • Easily Customizable Display
  • Quick and Easy Installation and Connection
  • Available Individually
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Compatible with All 1979 To 2019 Ford F-150s

Control The Boost. If you want to have full control of your rig's high boost applications, the AEM Electronics Tru-Boost Controller Gauge - Electrical is a great option. With the on-board 29 PSIG pressure ;sensor, gauge display, built-in over boost protection and warning light, you are in full control of how your F-150 performs. 

Long Lasting Boost Control Solenoid. The Tru-Boost controller gauge features a top-of-the-line boost control solenoid that is specifically designed to resist corrosion while also not sticking when exposed to rich fuel mixtures. In order to guarantee that the gauge does not leak, the design comes with a -4& AN fitting and has gone through rigorous tests of up to 100 PSI, ensuring that you don’t rupture any of the components on the gauge. 

Convenient Boost Adjustments. You desire control and the AEM Tru-Boost gauge provides more liberty and settings than other gauges on the market. It features 2 buttons located on the sides, which facilitate full customization. To protect it against over-boost, the controller gauge comes with two timed shutdown levels so that you're always protected against unintentionally over-boosting your truck. 

Installation The design allows for quick, easy installation and electrical connection in approximately one hour. 

Warranty. AEM guarantees that the gauge is free from material defects and sub-standard workmanship and offers a 1-year warranty, as long as it remains in the possession of the original buyer. 

Application. The AEM Electrical Tru-Boost controller is designed for perfect compatibility with all 1997 to 2019 Ford F-150s.