AEM Electronics X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge - Electrical (97-19 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • X-Series by AEM Electronics
  • Boost Pressure Gauge
  • Digital Display with Electrical Operation
  • 24 Green Outer Led for Easy Glance
  • 52mm Diameter
  • Slim 0.200” Cup Depth and 0.825” Gauge Depth
  • Reversible Faceplates and Programmable Readout
  • Adjustable Display Brightness
  • Easily Mountable
  • Limited Warranty
  • Fits all 1997-2019 Ford F-150 Models
X-Series. Monitor the critical boost pressure in real time by installing AEM Electronics X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge. It features a fully digital screen with adjustable brightness and crisp display for accurate monitoring. The 24 green outer led needles stand out with the 87% larger display and provides distraction-free, at-a-glance readings. With combined great looks, reliability and over-the-top technology, the X-series lets you take full authority of your F-150 during performance and track driving. 

Measure Boost Pressure. The AEM Electronics X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge has a fully electrical operation with programmable peak and recall feature for customized readings. The AEMnet CANbus allows seamless integration with the EMS and data loggers that covers all parameters for a zero-lag performance. They can accurately measure a broad range of pressure, from 30 in Hg (vacuum) to 35 psi (boost). 

Durable Construction. All AEM products are manufactured from only the highest quality materials right here in the USA. They are engineered with great attention to detail and go through strict design and performance checks to ensure trouble-free operation for decades. 

Easily Mountable. The AEM Electronics X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge is contained within a 52mm diameter housing with a slim 0.825” gauge depth and 0.200” cup depth for a small design that can be easily mounted anywhere. 

Limited Warranty. The AEM Electronics X-Series Gauge comes with a limited warranty that covers all defects in design and craftsmanship. Check manufacturer’s site for more details and possible exclusions. 

Application. The AEM Electronics X-Series Boost Pressure Gauge fits all 1997-2019 Ford F-150 models.