ARB LINX Air Pressure Control Kit (97-19 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Features “Set & Forget” Capabilities
  • Accurately Measures Tire Pressure
  • Control Your Airbags Remotely
  • Simple to Use and Master
  • Works on Vehicles As Far As 10m (33ft) Away
  • Created for the LINX Pressure Control Module
  • Fits 1997-2019 Ford F-150 Models
Feel Safety, Not Pressure. Keeping yourself and your Ford F-150 safe should be much easier with the latest technology in your hands. Improve upon the already spectacular Vehicle Accessory Interface by adding the LINX Air Pressure Control Kit to its repertoire of features. With this kit, you can derive accurate measurements of tire pressure or control airbags from afar. 

The “Set & Forget” Style. The LINX Air Pressure Control Kit was designed for the Vehicle Accessory Interface, and will have no problem working on your Ford F-150. Now, you can set your tire pressure with precise numbers and eliminate the guesswork that normally comes with this procedure. 

Airbag Control from a Distance. You can also use the LINX Air Pressure Control Kit in conjunction with another Interface add-on, the LINX Air Bag Isolation Kit, to control up to 4 airbags in your vehicle. Operating remotely is also possible — up to 10m (33ft) away, to be precise. 

Maximize Your LINX Module. While the LINX Air Pressure Control Kit is an optional add-on, it is also highly recommended. It unlocks the Compressor and Pressure Control features of your Interface. This in turn allows you to input your desired regular or maximum pressure, as well activate or deactivate your compressor. Your Ford F-150 deserves only the best in air pressure control and vehicular safety — the kind that only LINX modules and add-ons can offer. 

Application. This ARB LINX Air Pressure Control Kit is designed for all 1997-2019 Ford F-150 models.