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Baja Designs S2 Sport Amber LED Light - Spot Beam

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Features & Details

  • Amber LED Light
  • Provide Spot Light for Your Ford
  • Spot Beam Pattern
  • 1,130 Raw Lumens Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold Individually
  • Fits All 1997-2019 Ford F-150 Models
Sport Amber. Adding an amber light to your Ford F-150's lighting system helps to shine through inclement weather. So the Baja Designs S2 Sport Amber LED Light is the perfect addition to your lights. 

Shine a Spot. This amber light uses two LEDs to project over 1,000 lumens of light in a four-degree pattern. It gives a bright light that will cut through fog, snow, and rain. 

Built to Last. This light is built from very strong aluminum housing, able to withstand being immersed in up to nine feet of water and being pressure-washed. It's a little light that can take a lot of damage. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty. This product is protected from all manufacturer's and materials defects for 49,930 hours of usage or until you switch it to another vehicle. 

Application. This Baja Designs S2 Sport Amber LED Light with a Spot Beam is designed to fit all 1997-2019 Ford F-150 models.