Borla Touring Dual Exhaust System - Same Side Exit (15-19 3.5L EcoBoost F-150, Excluding Raptor & 2019 F-150 Limited)

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Features & Details

  • Touring "Turbo" Style Muffler
  • Mellow, Sleeper Sound
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3 in. Inlet, Dual 2.25 in. Outlet Muffler
  • 4 in. Polished Tips
  • Exits Behind the Rear Passenger Tire
  • Fits 2015-2019 3.5L EcoBoost F-150s, Excluding Raptors
  • Designed for SuperCab with 6.5 ft. Bed & SuperCrew with 5.5 ft. Bed

Show Your Power. Make everyone feel the power of your truck as you drive by with this Borla Touring cat-back exhaust system. The kit gives your truck a deeper sound and actually creates a solid vibration from the engine. That means when you are around the truck you'll be able to hear and feel the deep vibrations and the power of the vehicle. Your truck will seem larger and more powerful, all because of the 2.25" dual tubing and the 4" tips that bring out that deep and intimidating sound. 

Dual Pipe Performance. Stock exhaust kits don't have the space to let exhaust flow properly. Instead you get backflow that actually slows things down and cramps your engine performance slightly. This Borla Touring cat-back exhaust kit features dual 2.25" pipes that give the fumes plenty of space to move around. That means that your engine is not cramped and you get peak horsepower and torque. You'll enjoy improved performance with the kit installed and you'll be amazed at how powerful your 3.5L Ecoboost engine is. 

Designed for Years of Use. Enjoy your exhaust system for years of use without issue thanks to the stainless steel construction used throughout. While some exhaust kits will wear out over the years and begin to rust out and need replacing, this one will not. The mid-pipe, the tail-pipe, the tips and the muffler are all made from solid stainless steel. 

Use Stock Hangers. Even an amateur car owner can get this exhaust kit into position with some basic tools. That's because it uses the standard hangers and just locks on with new hardware. If you can pull the old pipes off and bolt the new ones into position you can install the kit. It can be done in just a couple hours, and is simple for most people. If you aren't sure about the process you are urged to get professional help instead. 

Application. This Borla Touring Dual Side Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed to fit all 2015-2019 3.5L EcoBoost F-150s, excluding Raptors, with the following Cab and Bed Sizes: SuperCab with the 6.5 ft. Bed SuperCrew with the 5.5 ft. Bed

Application Note. This Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System can be used on a SuperCab with an 8 ft. Bed or SuperCrew with a 6.5 ft. Bed with use of a Borla Exhaust Adapter.

  • SuperCab with an 8 ft. Bed will require part# 60564
  • SuperCrew with a 6.5 ft. Bed will require part# 60556