Borla Touring Dual Exhaust System - Same Side Exit (15-19 5.0L F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Touring "Turbo" Style Muffler
  • Mellow, Sleeper Sound
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3 in. Inlet, Dual 2.25 in. Outlet Muffler
  • 4 in. Polished Tips
  • Exits Behind the Rear Passenger Tire
  • Fits 2015-2019 5.0L SuperCab with 6.5 ft. Bed & SuperCrew with 5.5 ft. Bed F-150s

Show Your Power. Roar down the road and demonstrate your truck's power using this Borla Touring cat-back exhaust kit. It's designed to maximize performance and the sound of your ride all at the same time. This kit uses a dual set of 2.25" tail pipes along with a 3" mid-pipe and specialty muffler to bring out the rich depth of sound that you expect from an aftermarket exhaust kit worth the money. 

Designed for Performance. This exhaust kit is designed to bring out the best performance from your truck that's possible. When you make use of it you'll enjoy higher torque and horsepower figures. That's because the pipes promote smooth flow and get rid of backflow entirely. Your engine can operate freely and isn't choked at all. 

Made to Last. This Borla Touring cat-back exhaust system is designed for years of hard use without wear. When strapped to the bottom of your truck you want something that's going to hold up. That's why this system from Borla makes use of stainless steel. The metal won't rust or corrode even if you scratch it up. You get that same beautiful finish the whole time and you can count on that. 

Solid Installation. You can put your muffler and the pipes into position in just a few hours with this kit and you won't have to worry about anything falling off. The kit uses the stock hangers that are on there very good. It uses solid hardware and relies on basic tools to lock it all down. Just make sure you remember to tighten it down after 50 to 100 miles of use. 

Application. This Borla Touring Dual Side Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed to fit all 2015-2019 5.0L F-150s with the following Cab and Bed Sizes: SuperCab with the 6.5 ft. Bed SuperCrew with the 5.5 ft. Bed

Application Note. This Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System can be used on a SuperCab with an 8 ft. Bed or SuperCrew with a 6.5 ft. Bed with use of a Borla Exhaust Adapter.

  • SuperCab with an 8 ft. Bed will require part# 60564
  • SuperCrew with a 6.5 ft. Bed will require part# 60556