DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors - 1200cc (05-17 V8 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Enhanced Fuel Flow
  • Patent-Worthy Spray Pattern and Outstanding Atomization
  • Compatible with E85
  • 2 % Flow-Balance
  • Set of 50 lbs/ Hour Injectors, 1200cc/ Minimum Flow Rate
  • Easy, Drop-in Installation
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Comes in a Set of 8 Fuel Injectors
  • Fits all 2005-2017 Ford F-150 V8 Models
Increased Horse Power. The DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors - 1200cc (05-17 V8) will increase your control of balancing flow within a 2% variation to optimize idling and boost performance. They are capable of jolting your V8 engine into a robust and powerful galloping beast. Enjoy faster speeds or bigger load rates via these 50 pounds per hour fuel injectors 

Reliability. When you are kicking your competition to the curb at propelled speeds of mighty rates nearing 1200cc of fuel injected per minute, anything can go wrong. Not if you are using these DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors - 1200cc though, they can handle incredible levels of atomized pulse sprays and intense pressure levels (intrinsic). Trust these premium fuel injectors to beat any chances of stalling or sticking. 

Excellence and Longevity. These DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors - 1200cc (05-17 V8) offer you longlasting, simplified tuning, smooth idling, heightened drive-responsiveness and increased linearity. The calibration utilized and high-quality construction of these injectors make it durable. Jolt your speeds up now and then for years on end and keep on speeding past your competition. 

Drop-in Fitment. DeatschWerks have their fuel injectors custom-made to fit your Ford’s OEM fuel rail or manifold. The installation process is simple and a perfect fitment is achievable minus the requirement of any special tools, or cutting/ drilling. 

3-Year Limited Warranty. These DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors - 1200cc (05-17 V8) are splendidly and confidently backed by their manufacturers, DeatschWerks, with a 3-year limited warranty. 

Application. DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors - 1200cc (05-17 V8) fit Ford F-150 V8 Models that were built between 2005 and 2017.