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DSS Ford 2015+ Mustang GT Automatic 1-Piece 4in Aluminum Shaft Dual CV 1000HP

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DSS Ford 2015+ Mustang GT Automatic 1-Piece 4in Aluminum Shaft Dual CV 1000HP


-Allow engine power to be distributed to the wheels faster than a factory part
-Premium design for higher speed and quicker acceleration along with dramatic safety benefits
-Help ensure smooth, snappy performance while conquering any severe terrain
-High strength, extremely durable wall tubing to bear extreme off-road loads
-Driveshaft Shop is here with an extensive selection of premium driveshafts that are built extremely tough to withstand the demands of high performance vehicles. The driveshafts by the brand are available in standard carbon steel, chromoly, carbon fiber or aluminum. All carbon steel and chromoly driveshafts are welded with the help of unique slow feed lathe mounted welders and using a special powdered core wire which provides a higher tensile strength compared to conventional welding. Lightweight carbon fiber driveshafts have a distinctively high degree of torsion and are perfect to reduce noise in your cabin.

The driveshafts by the brand are balanced on one of the most sophisticated balancing machines in the industry. This machine allows to spin the shaft to actual speeds of over 9000 RPM, while other drive shaft balancers usually spin from 400-3000 RPM. This makes for a highly reliable driveshaft which helps to reduce vibration as well as efficiently transmit power to the wheels. Prior to manufacturing any shaft is checked for compliance with the specifications, so you can be sure that it delivers exceptional performance and many years of failure-free operation.