Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential Ford 8.8 31 Spline

Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential Ford 8.8 31 Spline

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These Eaton Detroit Truetrac differentials use a patented design of parallel-axis planetary helix gears to provide a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. They perform like a limited slip differential under normal driving conditions, automatically transferring torque to the wheel with better traction when ground conditions warrant.

Product Description

The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style performance differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving and handling characteristics.


The Truetrac operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary. When a wheel encounters a loss of traction or the terrain changes, the gear separation forces take effect and transfer torque to the high-traction wheel. The helical-shaped gears mesh with increasing force until wheel spin is slowed or completely stopped. When the vehicle exits the low traction situation, the differential resumes normal operation.


Operation of the Truetrac is smooth, quiet and automatic.  The unit will engage without any driver knowledge or action required. It also has no wearable parts and requires no maintenance, meaning less time in the garage and more on the road.

Recommended oil is standard 80/90 weight (non-synthetic) (no additives).

Application: Ford 8.8" Rearend

Axle Spline: 31

Compatible Gear Ratios: Any