Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake w/ Dry Filter (15-19 2.7L EcoBoost F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Improves Airflow for More Power
  • Evolution Series Air Induction System
  • SuperNano-Web Dryflow Air Filter
  • Built-in Filter Minder
  • No Computer Tune Required
  • Simple Bolt-On Installation
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Fits All 2015-2018 2.7L EcoBoost F-150s
More Power. Add power to your 2.7L EcoBoost F-150 so the next time you stomp on the accelerator you really feel it. This Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake can give you up to 15 HP more than what you have right now. That might not sound like much, but it's a huge increase for such a simple enhancement. The kit helps you get more air to your engine with a similar intake path to the original, just wider and more efficient. The kit comes with all that you need to get the benefits and it's fast to install. 

Tuning isn't Necessary. There are plenty of air intakes that require tuning once installed. This Injen Evolution cold air intake is convenient because it doesn't. From the moment that you put it on your truck it will be ready to go and you can count on it to perform just as it needs to. That's a huge benefit and something that you can enjoy. 

Super-Nano Filtering. This Injen Evolution cold air intake uses a synthetic filter material known as Super-Nano web that captures even little tiny particles and it does so in a reusable way. The filter can be cleaned out when it fills up. That means you don't have to buy another one. Wash it out and put it back and you are good again. 

Polyethylene Construction. Rest assured that this Injen Evolution cold air intake is going to hold up really well over time. That's because it is made from rock solid polyethylene plastic. This stuff is tough and serves as a natural insulator as well. That means that the air that passes through the filter and the intake tube is going to remain cool along the way. That's a major advantage that this plastic has over metal solutions. 

One Hour For Install. This kit goes on in just an hour from the beginning to the end. That's awesome for the people that are used to much more complicated intake setups. There aren't any difficult installation steps at all. 

Lifetime Warranty. There's something really nice about knowing that the intake you purchased is covered for life. This Injen product comes with lifetime coverage so you are protected for good. 

No CARB Approval. If you want to use this intake in states like California you'll have trouble. It isn't CARB approved and isn't legal in some of the states for that reason. Check into your state before purchase. 

Application. This Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake System is specifically designed to fit the 2015 to 2018 F-150s, equipped with the turbocharged 2.7L EcoBoost engine. The intake does not require re-tuning the vehicles computer for operation.