Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake - Polished (17-19 F-150 Raptor)

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Features & Details

  • Adds More Torque and Horsepower
  • Improves Throttle Response
  • Comes with Dual Intake Tubing and Filter
  • Utilizes a SuperNano Web Dry Air Filter
  • With a Polished Aluminum Intake Tube
  • Incorporates Injen’s Own Patent-Pending MR Technology
  • Packaged with a Heat Shield
  • No ECU Tune Required
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Not CARB Certified
  • Simple Bolt-On Installation
  • Fits 2017-2018 Ford F-150 Raptor Models
Maximum Potential Power. Transform your Raptor into a high-performance truck with this Polished Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake. With this cold air intake’s dual intake tubing and filter, your truck can experience an immediate boost in performance. By delivering richer and cooler air to your engine, you can gain up to +11 horsepower and +11 feet pounds of torque. So that’s more power and speed for you. 

No ECU Tune Required. Some cold air intakes in the market require you to perform an ECU tune-up before they can be used. But with this cold air intake, you can escape the hassle of tuning your engine’s computer. 

Utilizes a SuperNano Web Dry Air Filter. Made to outperform the competition, this cold air intake utilizes a SuperNano Web dry air filter. This massive filter is made up of dry synthetic fibers that have small interior spaces and are submicron in diameter enabling it to trap more contaminants. As a result, your engine has more and cleaner air available for combustion. 

Superior Construction. Using cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques, this Polished Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake is definitely of superior quality. Featuring a polished intake tube made of top-grade aluminum, this cold air intake is able to withstand the harsh condition of your vehicle’s underhood. Though aluminum tubes retain more heat than polyethylene ones, this kit comes with a heat shield to protect your intake system from too much radiant heat. 

Simple Bolt-On Installation. Featuring a simple bolt-on design, anyone can install this cold air intake. But if you don’t have some mechanical expertise, you can seek professional help. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty. This Polished Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If you spotted any issues during the first 30 days of your purchase, you must immediately send a warranty request or else it will be voided. 

Not CARB Certified. This cold air intake is not CARB certified. Therefore, it is not legal for use in the streets of California and other states adopting California’s emission standards. 

Application. This Polished Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake is created to fit 2017-2018 Ford F-150 Raptor models.