Prosport Dual Color Premium Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Kit - Green/White (97-19 F-150)

Prosport Dual Color Premium Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Kit - Green/White (97-19 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Premium Series Gauge
  • Accurately Monitors How Lean or Rich the Engine is Running
  • Full Digital Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
  • Dual Color Display – Green/ White
  • Gauge Size: 52mm (2-1/16")
  • 0-5V Output Signal
  • Electrically Operated
  • Plug-n-Play Installation
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Fits All 1997-2019 Ford F-150 Trucks
Boosted Style and Function. Enhance interior appearance by installing this Prosport Dual Color Premium Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Kit. Designed to match premium series Green or White gauges, this Premium Series AFR gauge blacks out when off to integrate a stealthy black look. Besides, the AFR meter is critical when tuning your AFR on or off the Dyno. That improves power, fuel economy, and reduces exhaust emissions. 

Ultimate AFR Gauge. This Prosport Dual Color Premium Wideband AFR Package measures a 2-1/16" and features the latest Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband 02 Sensor and the widest AFR reading range – from 10.0:1 to 20.0:1. Its dual color display offers quick at-a-glance readings, allowing you to quickly check how lean or rich the motor is operating. 

Value Added Performance. Though your Ford is manufactured for energy efficiency, this Dual Color gauge allows you to tune your truck at a leaner Air Fuel Ratio, providing improved thermal efficiency and fuel economy. That saves you both cash and gas. 

Quality Construction. Prosport engineers their Wideband AFR Gauge using high-quality safety and performance automotive-grade materials. This gauge is fitted with advanced Wideband 02 sensor and a Weld in Bung to deliver smooth utility with an enhanced durability. 

Installation. Prosport Premium Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Kit comes with everything you need, including an O2-Sensor cords and a plug-n-play wiring harness for simple installation. 

Warranty. Prosport offers a One-Year Limited Warranty for their Premium Wideband AFR Gauges as a guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. 

Application. Prosport Dual Color Premium Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Kit fits all 1997-2019 Ford F-150s.