Rockstar XD811 RS2 Satin Black 6-Lug Wheel - 18x9 (04-19 F-150)

Rockstar XD811 RS2 Satin Black 6-Lug Wheel - 18x9 (04-19 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Aggressive, Edgy Style
  • Bold 5-Spoke Design
  • PVD Accented with Satin Black
  • Constructed from Cast Aluminum
  • Size: 18x9
  • Bolt Pattern: 6x5.3"
  • Offsets: 0mm, +35mm
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Fits All 2004-2019 Ford F-150s
Grab Some Attention. The 18x9 XD811 RS2 Satin Black 6-Lug Wheel by Rockstar will certainly get your truck noticed once installed. Ditch your old stock rims for a set of these advanced wheels, and you’re in for an exciting driving experience. Venture onto any standard or rough road and feel the difference cast aluminum makes. The combination of a 5-spoke design and 6x135mm bolt pattern in a matte black accent elevates the look of your F-150 to new heights. 

Top-Notch Mod for your F-150 Truck. The Wheel combines a PVD finish with satin black accents to raise the look of your ride to an entirely new level. The Rockstar XD811 wheels compliment your F-150’s standard looks along with any other modifications you’ve made. Rockstar designs these wheels to stand out and deliver robust performance for many years to come. 

Strong Build. Your wheels take a beating and handle all the abuse your truck gets exposed to. The Rockstar 6-Lug Wheel elevates your truck to a rugged and resilient machine. Cast aluminum manufacturing is engineered to be a light-weight yet solid wheel that resists corrosion, rust and all the outside elements you can expose them to. Reducing the overall weight of your F-150 with lighter wheels makes a noticeable difference in performance and maneuverability. The reduction in weight will not lessen the strength and durability and is built to withstand cracking, bending and twisting. 

Warranty. The 18x19 inch wheel is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

Application.The Rockstar XD811 RS2 Satin Black 6-Lug Wheel can be used to enhance the looks and driving experience of any 2004 – 2019 Ford F-150.