Roto-Fab Dry Cold Air Intake Systems

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Features include:

* Top-quality components throughout including: high-gloss silicone hose couplers, stainless steel hose clamps and fasteners, and molded-in inserts for air box and MAF sensor mounting
* High-quality filters designed to last the life of the vehicle
* Depending on application, systems are available with or without sound tube delete
* Detailed, step-by-step instructions are included for easy installation
* Where applicable, the logo badge on the air box has a black anodized finish with a laser-etched Roto-fab logo

Tube Color:Black

Tube Material:Plastic

Filter Color:Black

Air Intake Filter Material:Synthetic

Filter End Cap Finish:Black

Sleeve Color:Black

If you are looking for the convenience of an oil-free air filter, Roto-Fab dry cold air intake systems put a new spin on great performance and sound. Roto-Fab developed these intake systems to utilize all the available space to package a huge air box and massive filter while maintaining an extremely effective barrier against engine bay heat. Their intake packages perform well as a "stand alone" modification while being capable of meeting the higher air demands of supercharged and high-horsepower builds. Roto-Fab's open top design effectively seals to the hood which maximizes air box volume while providing all of the advantages of a lid.