Smoked Headlight, Fog Light & Tail Light Tint (09-14 F-150)

Smoked Headlight, Fog Light & Tail Light Tint (09-14 F-150)

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Features & Details

  • Intimidating Styling
  • Smoked Appearance
  • Durable 5 Mil PVC Vinyl Tint
  • Optically Clear with a Gloss Finish
  • Protective Film Prevents Scratches During Installation
  • Pre-Cut for Easy Installation
  • Allows Lights to Shine Through
  • Complete Kit - Headlight, Fog Light & Tail Lights
  • Fits All 2009-2014 Ford F-150 Models
Intimidating Styling. Your F-150 already has an intimidating presence when it is rolling down the road and now you can further enhance that fact with a AmericanTrucks Graphics Smoked Tint Kit. These Smoked Vinyl decals will give your F-150 a much darker appearance that looks great racing down the street or kicking up dirt on the trail.

Complete Kit. This AmericanTrucks Graphics Smoked Tint Kit comes complete with tint for all of the following: Headlights, Fog lights, and Tail Lights. 

Perfect Fit Guaranteed. AmericanTrucks Graphics pre-cut vinyl designs have been test fit, refined, and tested again on our very own fleet of vehicles to assure an easy installation and a perfect professional fit every time. 

Superior Quality Materials. AmericanTrucks Graphics uses only the highest grade of 5 mil cast vinyl tint available on today's market. This 5 Mil thick lens tint is designed for lens tints. Compared to other products that were designed for window sign displays that are thinner. They also are not forgiving to install on the lights compound curve. The film is also breathable and self-healing polyvinyl film. The tint comes with 3 layers: protective layer, tint film layer, and backing layer. The protective layer protects the tint film during installation and is removed after installation. Our vinyl is rated for continual outdoor use without shrinking or degradation for up to 5 years. Thicker 5 mil vinyl remains flexible during installation to reduce the chances of wrinkling, yet still transmits 80% of light. 

Impact Protection. AmericanTrucks Graphics 5 mil thick poly vinyl tint is breathable and features self-healing properties to provide good impact protection against stones, gravel and small road debris, all while still transmitting 80% of the light. A must for a daily driven vehicle. 

Easier To Install. AmericanTrucks Graphics vinyl designs are not only pre-cut for a simpler installation, but our 5 mil smoked cast poly vinyl tint is extremely flexible allowing it to easily conform to complex compound curves without wrinkling and the clear permanent solvent polyacrylic adhesive backing will ensure that it stays securely in place. The tint comes with 3 layers: protective layer, tint film layer, and backing layer. The protective layer protects the tint film from scratches during the installation process and is removed when done.

Application. This AmericanTrucks Graphics Complete Smoked Tint Kit is designed to fit the 2009-2014 Ford F-150 models.