XTREME-DI 50% Increase Fuel Injectors (2011-2016 F150 3.5L)

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Our 100% XDI manufactured and tested DI-Injectors are designed for the 2010-2019 Gen 1 3.5L Ecoboost series engines. These injectors supply the required fuel flow for high horsepower applications without the need for auxiliary fuel systems. 
Every Injector gets tested at 100bar and 200bar on OEM testing equipment at XDI. Every set gets flow matched to within ±1% at 100bar and 200bar fuel pressure !!!

2000cc, 50% greaterflow over stock

OEM Spray Pattern

OEM Idle Characteristics

No meth, no PFI, no extra ECUs, no wiring, full control, full On Board Diagnostics. Just raw power through proper fueling.