XTREME-DI 50% Increase Fuel Injectors (FOCUS RS 2.3L)

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Performance Targets: Supports 525+ hp on E85, 650+ hp on gasoline* (*assuming sufficient octane)
OEM-like idle and drivability
Supported by all popular tuning platforms (COBB, Syvecs, SCT, etc.)
Compatible with gasoline and ethanol-based fuels
Direct fit installation: no messy hoses or wires under the hood
No external controller or splicing into wiring: full OEM control, diagnostics, an reliability

Fuel Injector Technical Data:
50% more flow than OEM
OEM 122lb/hr @ 100bar
23g/sec at 100bar, 32.4g/sec at 200bar
2000cc/min at 100bar, 2880cc/min at 200bar
179lb/hr at 100bar, 253lb/hr at 200bar
Stable at 200bar even with OEM driver settings, completely linear flow

Quality Control:
Every injector flow tested on XDI proprietary DI test bench at
0.8msec/20bar for idle stability
10msec/100bar for static flow reference
6msec/200bar for WOT performance
Every set high pressure matched within 1%
Every injector type validated for identical SOI and EOI via XDI proprietary injection rate measurement