2.0L VAG EA888 Gen 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump - Nostrum

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WHP Potential on Gasoline: 625 WHP

WHP Potential on E85: 450 WHP

Tune Requirement: Yes

Recommended Tuning Suite: COBB, HP Tuners

Flow Rate Increase Over Stock: 37%

Max Operating Pressure: 200 Bar


The more power you make the more fuel you demand, that’s why Nostrum High Performance offers top of the line high pressure fuel pumps with a larger diameter piston to increase fuel capacity. Our rebuilt OEM cores feature corrosion resistant internals which are dynamically tested and flex fuel compatible. Don't live in fear of a failing factory pump, upgrade with Nostrum High Performance: we'll make you fuel good.

[Increased fuel capacity by 37% with no loss of fuel pressure control at high RPM] 

 ^This is pressure control on a competitor's HPFP upgrade for the G3 EA888 

RPM is shown in white, desired Fuel Rail Pressure is shown in red, and actual Fuel Rail Pressure is shown in green. You can see how at high RPM the vehicle loses control of fuel pressure, with the Fuel Rail Pressure going to 30% more than the desired pressure. This makes for very difficult fueling control, and erratic air fuel ratios. 

 ^This is pressure control on a Nostrum HPFP upgrade for the G3 EA888. As you can see, the Fuel Rail Pressure maintains control throughout the entire pull 

Vehicle Applications:  2014 - Current Audi A3, 2015 - Current Audi S3, 2017 - Current Volkswagen MK7 Golf R