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Here at Auto Mafia Racing we base everything off of racing, and drag racing in particular. We build cars and tune them and test them on our dyno, and then the drag strip.  Racing is just in our blood. Its what we live for. We get up each and everyday and we strive to go faster, run smoother, and provide the best customer service that we can to you all. So buy some parts, get tuned by the Mafia, and Join the Family.

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We dont care if you have a mall crawler, a 4x4, a diesel, if youre lowered, lifted, or if you roll coal.  If you have a passion for it, then we have parts for you.


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We race everything and we love it.   If you have questions or need advice on what parts will be best for your build just email or message us on social media.

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I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Team AMR for the great customer support.  Probably once of the best I've gotten from anybody.  You have my business for life.

Dan S

Shout out to Team AMR for their Service, Tuning, and products!  I got a ported intake manifold and they've been nothing but cordial during the entire process.  My car runs smoother and more powerfully than I thought an NA V6 ever could.  The front lurches up and she sounds better than ever. #MafiaTuned should have been my first mod.

Stephen P

Big Shout out to AMR!  Gotta say I'm very pleased with the tune I got from them and all the extra help they have given me so far.  I would say their customer service is second to none.  We have taken this engine far beyond my plans and with every revision the car just keeps getting better and better.  15 psi is killer!  Highly recommend Mafia Tunes!

Antonio C