Atomic Phase 1 Barra Rebuild Kit 698GT-A

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Engine Rebuild Kits Experienced engine builders/tuners are aware of the exponential increase of internal loads when engines are tuned to produce more power. The answer is to upgrade your engine with an Atomic “Bulletproof” engine rebuild kit before a costly engine explosion takes place. Although it is impossible to predict an exact point at which component failure will occur, many Ford experts agree that 275- 300 RWKW (350-400HP) is definitely entering the danger zone for the DOHC engines, so before the damage is done and you are up for a whole new engine, cast an eye over our range of bullet-proof bottom end rebuild kits. Utilizing exactly the same componentry as fitted to our record setting engines, Atomic rebuild kits are ideal to upgrade Ford SOHC/DOHC 6 cylinder engines to handle big power increases. Available in two configurations (Phase 1 or Phase 11) they comprise the following:

Phase 1 Rebuild Kits • Atomic billet conrods - either StreeTorquer (550 kW rated), Superleggera (698kW rated) or FatRods (998kW rated), the latter 2 sets come with pressurized oil feed to gudgeon pin bushes - provides gudgeon pin lubrication and piston crown cooling • Atomic forged or Cosworth F1 forged pistons with coated skirts, pressure fed gudgeon pins and nitro carburised steel turbo rings • ACL/King Competition conrod and main bearings with jig drilled oil feeds (as applicable) • H/Duty gudgeon pins and .063” wire locks • Main cap support girdle/windage tray (in 998 GT-A kits only) • Installation instructions • Torque specifications list