Borla 11-14 Ford Mustang GT/GT500 5.0L/5.4L/5.8L AT/MT RWD 2dr X Pipes

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Eliminate the the restrictive resonators and flat spots in your 2011-2014 Mustang exhaust with Borla's over axle pipe kit! From the factory, your Mustang has resonator mufflers and flat spots in the pipes that go over your rear axle. The flat spots create a bottle-neck in your exhaust flow, while the resonators restrict flow and sound. These Borla over axle pipes are a direct replacement for your originals and expand the piping to a full 2-3/4" all the way through! This greatly improves exhaust flow while also adding a signature sound to your exhaust! Constructed with mandrel bent, stainless steel tubing; these pipes are built to last. Two high temperature insulation tubes are included to protect your fuel lines from heat damage. These direct replacement pipes can hook up to your factory or aftermarket exhaust while reusing all of your factory hardware!