Mafia 2011-2014 3.7L V6 Mustang Custom Tune

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This Package includes Tuning ONLY no Devices and is for customers who ALREADY own an SCT Tuning Device.

Click Here to Purchase an SCT X4 Hand Held Tuning Device If You Dont Have One!


Auto Mafia Racing Tunes are created from scratch for your exact vehicle based upon the information you give us.  We never give you someone else's tune, or a copy and paste tune.  They are made from scratch like grandmas best cookies.  By doing this we can guarantee to provide the BEST TRULY CUSTOM TUNING solution on the market today, and for years to come.  Get #MafiaTuned today! 

Each Tune comes with FREE and UNLIMITED Datalogging. 

Once you purchase a tune from us, we will email you a form to fill out.  Once you have filled this out, you can email it back to us and we will send you your tunes. 

**Please do not email us more than once. Doing so will push your further down our list of tunes to do as we answer each email in the order received from oldest to newest and every time you email again it puts you as the newest email instead of the oldest**

We strive to send all tunes within 72 business hours of receiving the complete information needed to tune you. Tuning Hours are 9am-5pm Monday -  Friday not including Holidays. (We like to spend the weekends and holidays with our families just like you.)

If you have a special event please schedule with us to be available ahead of time to send tune updates for your event.  We are not going to be able to get your vehicle tuned for the race on Saturday if you purchase a tune at 10pm Friday Night unless you communicate with one of our tuners to stay late.
Deatschwerks injectors are not supported 
We love to support the customers we tune at the track, so please share with us your logs of runs on the drag strip, the times you are running, and pictures and videos of said events!
How does the Tuning Process Work?


We are currently the World Record Holders for the Fastest Naturally Aspirated 3.7L V6 Mustang running an 11.99 @ 110 mph down in FL in our shop car.
We are also currently the World Record Holders for the Fastest Stock/Sealed Engine 3.7L V6 Cyclone running a 9.79 @ 136 mph at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

We tune some of the fastest 3.7s in the country and we are tuning more just like you each and every single day.

So what can you expect?   We typically see 275-325 rwhp from a Naturally Aspirated 3.7 with Full Bolt Ons and our Custom Tuning. If you want to talk boost then we are the go to again currently working to be the 1st 3.7 L V6 Mustang with a sealed engine to run 8s.  We are able to get anywhere from 400 rwhp to 1500+ rwhp from boosted and or built cyclones. 

Send us an email or message us on Facebook with any questions you have.
This is our NA World Record Run!

Here is our current best pass yet!  We are shooting for 8s now!