Mafia Low Buck Rear Mount Turbo Kit - (15-17 3.7L V6 Mustang)

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Are you tired of getting picked on by V8 guys?  Here is your answer!  Our Low Buck Rear Mount Mafia Turbo Kit!   

We developed this kit for the budget minded mustang owner who just wanted a little boost in their life for as cheap as possible.   Yes you can KEEP your LONG TUBE HEADERS!   You dont need to remove your cats!

We have made 450+ rwhp and 450+ ft lbs of torque with this kit!  You can have it professionally installed or install at home yourself following our How To Install YouTube Video!

 If you want special additions or changes please email us at or call us at 941-979-1132.

What does the Kit Include?

6766 Journal Bearing Turbocharger .81 AR For Quick Spool
Mafia 44mm Wastegate
Mafia 50mm Blow Off Valve
Oil Pump
Oil Feed Line
Oil Return Line
Mafia Billet Oil Cap
Mafia Turbo Mounting Bracket
Turbo Exhaust Pipe (Down/Out Pipe) Mafia Made Stainless Steel 304L Tig welded
Wastegate Screamer Pipe  Mafia Made Stainless Steel 304L Tig welded
Wastegate Mounting Pipe  Mafia Made Stainless Steel 304L Tig welded
T4 Turbo Pipe Mafia Made Stainless Steel 304L Tig welded
Black Painted Aluminum Hot/Cold Side Charge Pipes
Mafia 800hp Capable Aluminum Intercooler
Mafia Aluminum Intercooler Mounts


Q: The turbo sits low, will my turbo sill up with water in a rainstorm?
A: To hurt this system you would have do submerge your car so deep you would have water inside the vehicle pouring in the doors . Light rain would be beneficial if anything to cool IATs.   

Q: How low does this kit sit?
A:  The kits lowest point is 2.0 inches below the frame rail of your vehicle.  That is 1 point where it crosses over/under the frame rail. The rest of the kit is tucked up higher.  The Aluminum chargepipe is very thick and made durable to deal with impacts if they should occur.

Q:  How much power can I make with this kit?
A: We designed this kit to make 450 rwhp and 450 ft lbs of torque.  More boost and more fuel can make more power.

Q:  What else do I need to run this kit?
A: This kit needs fuel injectors, spark plugs, a fuel pump, a tuning device, a 3 bar map sensor, and a custom tune to be complete.

Q: Does this kit fit the convertible 15-17 Mustang 3.7?
A: YES!  BUT you will have to trim the rear convertible brace under the car for clearance so that everything will line up.  The more you clearance it the better things will line up.   Kit will have to be modified to fit if you do not wish to trim this.  This can be done by mounting the turbo about 4-6 inches further back towards the bumper.

Here is the video to teach you how to install the turbo kit!



   **Please note these kits are built to order.  25% Cancelation Fee**