Mafia Single Turbo Kit - (11-14 3.7L V6 Mustang)

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Are you tired of getting picked on by V8 guys?  Here is your answer!  Our Mafia Single Turbo Kit!   

We include everything to bolt on and make 600+ rwhp and 600+ ft lbs of torque!  Yes this is SAFE with our Custom Tuning!  You can have it professionally installed or install at home yourself following our How To Install YouTube Video!

This kit does not include any tuning, tuning device, fuel pump, fuel injectors, spark plugs, gauges, exhaust wrap, catted Y-pipe, or oiling system.  If you want special additions or changes please email us at or call us at 941-979-1132.

What does the Kit Include?

Full 304L Stainless Tig Welded Back Purged and Mandrel Bent Hotside & Downpipe - Lifetime Warranty 

VS 6766 Journal Bearing Turbo .81 AR for GREAT SPOOL TIME - 850 rwhp capable
Precision 6776 Journal Bearing Turbo .81 AR.  

Mafia 50mm Blow Off Valve
Mafia 44mm Wastegate
Mafia 1000 HP Intercooler
Black Aluminum Coldside Piping
Black Silicone Couplers
Stainless Vbands & T-Bolt Clamps
Mafia Mounting Brackets
Turbo Blanket
K&N Air Filter
All Bolts, Nuts, Fittings, and Clamps Needed.

Here is the video to teach you how to install the turbo kit!

    **Please note these kits are built to order.  25% Cancelation Fee**

What additional parts do we suggest?

  1.  Injectors:
    Up to 450 rwhp Ford Racing MU52s CLICK TO PURCHASE
    450-600 rwhp Fuel Injector Clinic 1000cc CLICK TO PURCHASE
    600+ rwhp Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc CLICK TO PURCHASE
  2.  Fuel Pump:
    Up to around 600 rwhp on E85 DW400 CLICK TO PURCHASE
    Up to 1000 rwhp on E85 Mafia Return Style Fuel System CLICK TO PURCHASE
  3. Fuel Line:
    Stainless Steel Fuel Line for Engine Bay CLICK TO PURCHASE
  4. Spark Plugs
    NGK 6510 Gapped to .026 CLICK TO PURCHASE
  5. Custom Boosted Tune
    Mafia Custom Boosted Tune CLICK TO PURCHASE
  6. Tuning Device
  7. Boost Gauge
    AEM Electronic Boost Gauge CLICK TO PURCHASE
  8. Boost Controller
    Mafia Manual Boost Controller CLICK TO PURCHASE
    GFB G Force Electronic Boost Controller CLICK TO PURCHASE
  9. Oiling System
    No Pan Tap Oil Pump Return Style Oiling System CLICK TO PURCHASE