MGW 2007 - 2014 GT500 Short Throw Shifter

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This new design shifter for the 2007-2014 GT500 is truly ground breaking. We have successfully engineered the first "top loader" design shifter for the TR6060 transmission. No more sloppy in gear play! New front to back shift throw ratio virtually eliminates 2nd grind. 100% machined in the USA!

Please note that if you are planning to install this shifter into a car not originally equipped with the TR6060 then please let us know as some model vehicles require a different length conversion TR6060 shifter which we can offer, but we must know at time of order.
Also, be aware that if you are installing this shifter into a TR6060 trans from a car other than a GT500, then you will need to install some type of reverse lockout control module to be able to engage reverse without an undue amount of force. All TR6060 OEM applications have logic that energizes a lockout solenoid when at low speeds to engage reverse. Click here for reference (this is a third-party link that will open in a tab; please contact us if the link is dead).
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