MGW C5 / C6 / C7 Corvettes Short Throw Shifter

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The MGW Shifter for the C5 / C6 / C7 corvette ( including z06 ) is now in production and ready for sale to the public. In addition, they possess the same patented features of our Mustang and Viper short throw Shifters. Utilizing state of the art materials and design components this shifter has been engineered to offer both short throw and ease of shifting for all gears. No more hard pulling left to right to find reverse and 1st gear but still offers positive return for finding 3rd gear every time.

The MGW shifter assembly for corvette now comes complete with billet shifter and custom lower billet box. This combination gives the smoothest throw and the least amount of shift effort of any shifter on the market.

Includes all necessary hardware. HD installation videos available via our YouTube channel.

MGW shifter with 9/16-18 threaded shaft (for stock C5 and for use on C6 / C7 with MGW knobs). MGW shifter with handle for stock C6 / C7 shift knob.

The MGW Gripper Knob (available below in 6 or 7 speed gear pattern) is CNC machined solid stainless, is deep laser-etched, and weighs half of a pound.


 All MGW items ship direct from MGW. 

Additional features that set the MGW shifter apart from the pack:

  • Shifter assembly is completely machined from aircraft grade aluminum and all billet components are hard coat anodized for a lifetime of service. All steel components are aircraft grade stainless steel.
  • Shifter has integral dust and noise boot to eliminate tranny noise and keep shifter internals clean.
  • Shift knob brackets available for both C6 / C7 stock knob fitment and 9/16-18 threaded shaft for C5 knobs.
  • Shifter assembly is complete with no component pieces from original OEM shifter reused.* Makes our shifter a little pricier than the competition but for good reason. Some of the key included components not found on most other aftermarket shifters include:
    • Replacement transmission linkage sphere (eliminates sloppy OEM pivot cup)
    • Lock washers and thread lock bolts included for all connecting brackets
    • Shifter comes complete with video installation online