MGW GT350 / Mach 1 Short Throw Shifter

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Finally a no-compromises short throw shifter that can not only handle the toughest rigors of competition racing, but also posses excellent street manners for your daily driver. Like MGW's Gen 2 GT500 shifter, the TR-3160 unit retains the use of the factory body mount location for the rear support block. Also like the Gen 2, the rear support is merely there to keep the shifter from coming in contact with the driveshaft. MGW's center bearing design holds the shift linkage and transmission in perfect alignment at all times to deliver unmatched shifting precision.

Additional Information & Features

Fits 2015–2020 Shelby GT350  and 2021-2022 Mach 1 equipped with the TR3160 transmission. Will require use of OEM adapter to use stock knob, or you can get an aftermarket knob from MGW.

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