Nostrum 2.0L FA20F Subaru Stage 1 Direct Injectors

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  • Set of 4 injectors, tested & batched set with serial number
  • Installation instructions 
  • Tuning guide (Dealer & Certified Tuners only) 


  • +10% flow rate increase over stock 
  • The only DI injector upgrade on the market for FA20F that works with stock ECU! 
  • Set of 4 batched and serialized injectors with tuning data 
  • E85 compatible 
  • Direct Replacement - same outline as the OE injector
  • OEM equivalent spray pattern 
  • OEM ECU controlled (COBB tuning recommended) 

Performance Specs: 

  • WHP potential on gasoline: 620 WHP (calculated with driveline of 90%, 61% duty cycle,  at 7000rpm, with 328 BSFC)
  • WHP potential on E85: 460 WHP (calculated with driveline of 90%, 61% duty cycle,  at 7000rpm, with 444 BSFC)
  • Tune Requirement: Yes
  • Recommended Tuning Suite: COBB Access Tuner 
  • Flow rate increase over Stock: 10%
  • Flow rate: 15.7 g/s at 100 bar
  • Max Operating Pressure: 150bar / 15MPa / 2175psi

Certified Tuners:

Clark Turner Tuning - Arizona
BCP Tuning - Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a tune required? 

A: A tune is not required to start the vehicle, but to maintain drivability we recommend a tune after install. 

Q: Are these injectors Ethanol compatible?  

A: Yes, these injectors are fully ethanol compatible 

Q: How are you able to offer Stage 1 injectors for a lower cost than oem injectors? 

A: As the leader in high performance aftermarket DI fuel systems, Nostrum’s partnerships with OEM suppliers allow us to offer products that are competitive with Subaru dealer parts. Without Subaru dealer markup. 

Q: When will Nostrum have a stage 2 injector for the FA20F engine?  

A: Keep an eye on our social media to be up to date with all of our new product releases! 

Q: Can I use these injectors in my BRZ’s FA20A engine?  

A: The FA20 found in the BRZ runs a completely different style of direct injector and are imcopatible with our Stage 1 injectors. 

Q: What happened to the big injectors that you set the DI-only WRX world record (640 whp) with? Can I buy those?  

A: Those injectors were prototypes that required aftermarket engine management to use, our shop WRX had a Motec ECU. The prototypes no longer exist and we have no plans of reproducing or releasing those injectors.