Tune Update

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Did you get new mods? Change gears? Want to add a different fuel tune to the car?

*****If you are not already tuned with AMR / Mafia Tuning CLICK HERE to purchase a FULL TUNE*****

Then you need the Mafia Tune Update

Main Tuning Options:
1.  $75 Tune Update for Adding Parts to current tunes

2.  $100 Add a new Fuel Tune (E85 / Race Gas / etc) to current tunes

3.  $350 Add a Nitrous Tune to current tunes

4.   $500 Upgrade to Boosted Tunes


Fun Options:
1.  $100 Add a Tommy Gun Pop Tune
2.  $100 Add a Ghost Cam Tune (Certain Vehicles ONLY)
3.  $200 Add BOTH Tommy Gun Pop and Ghost Cam Tune


Economy & Trans Tunes

1.  $100 Add Race Trans Tune (Automatics Only)

2.  $100 Add Economy MPG Tune

3.  $200 Add BOTH Economy & Race Trans Tuning


Deatschwerks injectors are not supported